» Time Table


Start End Event
5:30pm NA Reception Opens
7:30pm 11:00pm Friday Night Ceilidh: Blackbeard’s Tea Party
9:00pm 11:00pm Friday Night Concert: Bell Hagg Orkestar
11:30pm 12:30am Friday LNE: Professor Elemental


Start End Event
9:00am 12:00am Display ceilidh rehearsals (please book a slot at reception)
9:00am 10:00am Workshops:Saturday Morning (Slot 1)
10:20am 11:20am Workshops:Saturday Morning (Slot 2)
11:40am 12:40am Workshops:Saturday Morning (Slot 3)
11:00am 4:00pm Morris Tour
1:00pm 3:20pm Display Ceilidh
3:00pm 17:20pm Saturday Afternoon concert: Pilgrims’ Way, Sciorr:Staged
3:20pm 4:20pm Workshops:Saturday Afternoon Slot (some workshops run later than 4:20pm)
7:30pm 10:45pm Saturday Ceilidh: Hekety with Gordon Potts
7:30pm 10:45pm Scottish Country Dance: Luke Brady’s Scottish Dance Band
7:30pm 10:45pm Contra: Stick Shift with Andrew Swaine
11:00pm 1:30am Saturday LNE: Mawkin, The Albion Band


Start End Event
10:00am 11:00am Workshops: Sunday Morning (Slot 1)
11:20am 12:20am Workshops: Sunday Morning (Slot 2)
12:30pm 3:30pm Survivors Ceilidh
4:00pm NA Festival Close

The above time table is a draft time table and may change between now and the festival.  The mobile app will however be constantly up to date during the festival with any last minute changes.