» Morris Tour


IVFDF’s normally involve some variety of morris tour and given how glorious the traditional dance scene in Sheffield is, it’d be great to take the opportunity to put together splendid morris tour,  we are even going to add a sword tour to festivities.


The tour is being organised by a number of Sheffield’s morris teams and should be a great experience for all those involved.


No ticket is needed to take part in the morris tour or watch, however if you wish to be partake of the rest of the festival you will need a ticket.  Lucky IVFDF is the cheapest folk festival around so tickets are not very expensive if you want one.


In the event of bad weather there is an indoor plan so the tour can still go ahead with out morris men/women freezing or drowning.


All teams taking part in the tour will need to meet up at festival reception at 10:30am on the Saturday.

Time Table

  1100-1200 1200-1300 1300-1400 1400-1500 1500-1600 1600-
Tudor Square Five Rivers Morris Lizzie Dripping Lunch Pecsaetan Yorkshire Chandelier University Arms
Brighton Morris Maltby Phoenix Summertown Morris Handsworth
Four Hundred Roses Leeds Morris Earlsdon Summertown Morris
Cuckoo’s Nest Jig Crew Fools Gambit Rag Morris
Orchard Square Pecsaetan Five Rivers Morris Yorkshire Chandelier Boggarts Breakfast
Grenoside Earlsdon Handsworth Brighton Morris
Leeds Morris Rag Morris Silkstone Greens Four Hundred Roses
Jig Crew Summertown Morris William Morris Cuckoo’s Nest
Barkers Pool Boggarts Breakfast Pecsaetan Five Rivers Morris Lizzie Dripping
Maltby Phoenix Brighton Morris White Rose Maltby Phoenix
Fools Gambit Four Hundred Roses Grenoside Silkstone Greens
Earlsdon Cuckoo’s Nest Rag Morris White Rose
Peace Gardens Yorkshire Chandelier Boggarts Breakfast Lizzie Dripping Five Rivers Morris
Handsworth Grenoside Brighton Morris Fools Gambit
White Rose William Morris Four Hundred Roses Leeds Morris
Rag Morris Silkstone Greens Cuckoo’s Nest Jig Crew
Leopold Square Lizzie Dripping Yorkshire Chandelier Boggarts Breakfast Pecsaetan
Summertown Morris Handsworth Maltby Phoenix Grenoside
Silkstone Greens Fools Gambit Leeds Morris Earlsdon
  White Rose Jig Crew  
Please allow time to move between dance spots – all dance spots are approximately 5 minutes walk from each other